Come on, look around people…

This list has been spurred by the countless number of times that my children, at the coaching of myself and my wife, have simply held doors for people in public, and not received a “thank you” or for that matter even been looked at as the person walks by.  
From the time my son could walk/speak my wife has stood back and told him, “you go be a gentleman and hold that door for that person” and allowed him to work (even struggle) to get the door open to teach him to be a manly and respectful helper. 
No, no one owes my children a thing, but a simple common recognition like a “thank you” would go a long way in reinforcing correct respectful behavior by my children.  And, I and I believe many others would greatly appreciate that help from other responsible people.  
How little we sometimes realize how much we are molding the others around us, especially young ones, with our simple respectful gestures or the lack of. 
As my wife and I work hard to raise respectful strong children into respectful strong adults and leaders, I’m consistently shocked at how respect seems NOT to be modeled for them in public. 
6 EASY thing to do NOW to help:
1. BE APPRECIATIVE…When someone in their vehicle yields to you walking by, speak politely as a thank you 
2. BE AWARE…Hold doors for others
3. RECOGNIZE…Politely say “THANK YOU” when someone holds a door for you. 
4. RECIPROCATE…Receive “thank you’s” with a SINCERE “you’re welcome” 
5. OFFER YOUR HELP…When walking out of the grocery store, don’t act oblivious to the person struggling to lift the huge bag of dog food out of their basket to their car. 
6. BE PRESENT…Respectfully look people in the eye as you speak and are spoken to.
If you look at the above list, it is obviously not a complete list.  But, it is an easily actionable list, that we can ALL engage NOW with minimal personal effort.  This small step has huge potential to start a movement of positivity around you, allowing you to be a catalyst for positivity in your environment and community. 
Take action now, there is not a perfect time.  

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