To quote one of our AWESOME students… “I’m so ready to get back. I feel like a marshmallow!”  Yep, we know what you mean.  Time off can actually kickstart your motivation AND metabolism. Now, let’s go!

FIVE Tricks to Make Your Resolution Stick:

(1) Write them down

There’s something about putting a goal to paper that makes it real. Don’t leave out this step.

(2) See them daily

Whether they’re on your bathroom mirror, or a notification on your phone, keep your goals at the forefront of your day. That way, when an inevitable distraction comes up, you can prioritize and stay on track.

(3) Set a plan to achieve them

Just as you wouldn’t go on a 1000 mile trip without a map to get there, you can’t reach a health and wellness goal without a plan. Incremental, small goals help you achieve bigger goals. Logging your food and workouts holds you accountable.

(4) Stick to the plan

You’re going to get off track. It happens. But, one skipped workout doesn’t have to turn into a week off, which becomes a month, which… You get the picture. Regroup and get back at it.

(5) Tell someone

Having someone to say, “let’s go”, makes all the difference. When you’re asked, “are we meeting tomorrow?”, you’ll be way more likely to let go of your warm bed, and get in your training gear.

So, let’s make 2016 AWESOME… Together!!


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